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Real Service, Not Just Lip Service

Everybody talks a big game, but most of the time that's all it is; talk. Carol Cirillo leads a team at Make it Happen that provides clients with real service, not just lip service. You could spend your time waiting for something great to happen to your business, or together, we can make it happen. Instead of peering in from the outside trying to assess your business needs, we pride ourselves on the ability to jump right in and get to the core of what needs to be done. We work to become a part of your company and every day, we invest in your success.

Make it Happen Media is a one-stop shop that provides strategic planning and media design services; we create and execute programs that will maximize your results, minimize your ad spend, and deliver the outstanding results that you demand. From the initial consultation.

Meet Carol Cirillo,

Founder of Make it Happen Media

Carol Cirillo's lengthy media career has seen her enjoy considerable success on both sides of the desk. As the founder and owner of Make it Happen Media, Carol's ethics and personal philosophies inform every aspect of the business. This hybrid agency is a direct reflection of how she thinks and works. Carol's ability to really understand a client’s needs, infused with a creative but pragmatic vision, build a strong foundation for a dynamic advertising and marketing plan that gets results.